My Hemi-Sync Dreaming Experience

Last night, I decided to try this Hemi-Sync that I downloaded for free. I only have the hemi-sync exercise 1 because I really need to take it easy. My goal is to move in a slower phase but I know that I am gonna achieve positive results.

Hemi-Sync is like a guided meditation. It has a voice that will guide you to enter deeper level of your mind consciously. It also has this calming raindrop sounds that will calm your entire body. The MP3 is 90 minute long by the way.

Lucid Dreaming Series

I have been exploring the way I sleep every night. I am trying to stay conscious in my sleep because I want to experience the kind of freedom when I am having a lucid dream. Lucid dreaming is a kind of dream where the dreamer knows that he is in the realm of dreams where he can do anything he wants.


Dreamt about a white hamster last night. I wanted to buy hamster so I went in to this pet shop that looked like a warehouse with a lot of aquariums and hamsters. The idea of the dream is about love or attention. The pet shop owner loves the other hamsters compared to the hamster at my back. I am not sure about this.

07-27-11: Hotdogs, Library and Balancing

Symbols: Hotdogs, Childhood friend, picnic

I was at the province in front of our house waiting for Mark, my childhood friend. He arrived from the pond and he said that he just finished fishing. I have hotdogs with me and they are not yet cooked. We planned to make a fire and cook the hotdogs. 

It happened again :(

I knew it! My dreams do have meanings and it happened again! I wish I could have pay more attention to it. So here is what I am saying. Last week, I dreamed of riding a jeepney. The setting was in the province. It was flooding at that moment and the jeepney was having a hard time move. (This dream evolves in that jeepney the whole time).

07-06-11: Baby in the Bag, Simba is a Frog

Baby in the Bag
Symbols: Baby, Bag
I was watching TV when I see this stupid news about a lady who put her baby in a bag. After that, I saw myself as a policeman or something that is now searching for the baby in a bag full of clothes. I opened the bag and saw this baby crying. It turned out that the baby was from one of my aunts.

07-12-11: Ghosts and Sheep's Horns


I received a text message from an unknown girl. She wants to be my textmate because she's so lonely. I agreed. Then I received a phone call from her. I answered it and talked to her at the back of my room in Zambales. 

She was talking then I heard a sob. It's getting louder and louder. The girl that I am talking to was sobbing beside me. She was a ghost or something. I freaked out and ran.

I went into our dirty-kitchen. I saw these small devils like goblins. They are scary. I tried to catch them (2 goblins). Then I stabbed the other goblin but became a balloon or something. I went out.